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Somos un estudio de decoración y diseño de interiores en Palma de Mallorca. Home staging, personal deco shopper, proyectos integrales... Más de 30 años trabajando en el sector.
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Set the table

Set the table

It’s one of our favorite moments. It’s one of our favorite places. It’s one of our favorite spaces. It’s lunch or dinner time.


How many conversations get built around a table? How many laughters do we keep in our kitchen? How many memories are left in our dining room? How many dinners with friends? How many ‘happy birthday’s? For all of these and so much more, we truly just love that moment when it comes down to: set the table!


And just because we’re Trends and we do it like this, we always love a good and nice Nordic style decorated dining room.


Wood and metal are a must for this space where so much happens.


Good lightning – even better if it’s natural – will make your dining room or kitchen much cozier.


Play with decoration and change the look of your living-, dining room or kitchen in just a few minutes.


Always add your personal touch and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with the ones you love the most.


Want some trendy advice? tableware can change your dining room in just a second. Just go for it and enjoy setting the table every day.

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