Somos un estudio de decoración y diseño de interiores en Palma de Mallorca. Home staging, personal deco shopper, proyectos integrales... Más de 30 años trabajando en el sector.
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proyecto interiorismo puerto pollensa
About This Project

Elegant house located in the port of Pollença where we carried out the interior design of the house. To highlight the architectural features of this stately home, in which the porch with arches and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea stand out, our team of interior designers opted for a selection of warm and timeless furniture with oak furniture from Ethnicraft, such as the Eye armchair for the living room or the Air collection for the bedroom.

For the modern kitchen with black fronts integrated with the living and dining room, our team selected pieces, such as the earth-coloured chairs and the white ceramic dining table, capable of highlighting the beauty of the room through their chromatic contrast.

To achieve a functional minimalist style without sacrificing comfort and warmth, we opted for a palette of neutral tones highlighted with accents of colour through the paintings and details in black, present in the Ethnicraft nest coffee table in the living room or the ceiling lamp in the dining room, achieving a modern and contemporary touch.

The upholstered furniture, such as the sofa with chaise longue Oslo, and the textiles, bring an extra warmth and calmness to the house, achieving an atmosphere of calm and continuity between the different spaces.

On the other hand, respecting the unique character and style of its two terraces was fundamental for our client. To this end, our team of interior designers carefully selected furniture and accessories that would fit perfectly in each area, opting for more “cozy” and comfortable pieces for the porch with arches and other more functional pieces of high quality and durability for the terrace.