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Brands we love: Vibia

Brands we love: Vibia

When we find a brand that represents our style, our essence and will be loved by our clients, we always start to follow its lead.

That’s exactly what happened with Vibia. This Spanish lightning brand has conquered thousands of hearts and minds around the world. A creative team of international designers are always working on new pieces and collections that really make us fall in love year after year.


And it’s because Vibia does something not many others are capable of: the lightning system you choose becomes an integral part of the space its in. In addition to forfilling the task to lighten up the room, it also becomes a key element in combining elements and creating the right atmosphere.


Under the motto ‘light is creation’ Vibia offers hanging lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, bathroom lampd and outdoor solutions. It just has a way of becoming a perfect element in whatever project we’re working on because of its creative way to present a lightning solution in addition to first quality and beautiful designs. We just love it!


It even has some extra points. You know why? Because the whole production process, including the design, is done in Spain. Even more love from Trends Studio to Vibia –made in Spain with <3.


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